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Item Number: BOOK- 0200
Item Name: Light for My Path: Illuminating Selections from the Bible 
Price: $9.95  Length: 252 pages

This handy book contains hundreds of Bible verses that are organized in dozens of topics. See what the scriptures say on subjects like anger, peace, hope, guilt, fear and many more. The wisdom and comfort of the Bible is available to you in this easy-to-use guide.

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Item Number: BOOK- 0700
Item Name: When Bad Things Happen
 to Good People by Harold S. Kushner

A Jewish rabbi whose child dies tackles tough questions with compassion, insight, and simple language.

   Item Number: BOOK- 0800
IIIItem Name: If Only God IIIWould Answer: What to Do IIIWhen You Seek & Knock- and IIINothing Happens by Steven IIIMosley

IIIAddresses the unanswered IIIquestions and personal IIIdilemmas we often face in our IIIprayer lives.

Item Number: CD- 0100
Item Name: Come Together by Third Day, Audio CD

Uplifting and powerful music for the soul by contemporary Christian favorites, Third Day.




Item Number: JW- 0100
Item Name: Cross Necklace








Item Number: CD- 0200
Item Name: Spoken For by Mercy Me, Audio CD

IIIMoving music to soothe the soul IIIfrom Mercy Me.




Item Number: JW- 0200

Item Name: Hope Cuff Bracelet





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