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Stories and wisdom from those who have been there, along with the personal touch of the author, make this book a must read for families healing from pregnancy loss.~ Sherokee Ilse, Author, Empty Arms: Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Loss and Miscarriage: A Shattered Dream


BOOK: Hope is Like the Sun: Finding Hope and Healing After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death by Lisa Church
Price: $15.95   Length: 176 pages

Follow the author and four of her friends as they navigate the difficult journey through pregnancy loss. This book offers information, helpful advice, and practical tips that will begin your path toward healing today.

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BOOK: Rekindling the Human Spirit: An Anthology of Hope, Courage and Inspiration by Cher Holton.

A varied collection of short stories, poems, and quotations that inspire, encourage, and offer hope.


IIIBOOK: Hope is Like the Sun: Finding Hope llland Healing After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or llInfant Death by Lisa Church 
I IFollow the author and four of her friends as II IIIthey navigate the difficult journey through IIIpregnancy loss. This book offers information, IIIhelpful advice, and practical tips that will begin IIIyour path toward healing today.        

BOOK: Remembering With Love: Messages of Hope for the First Year of Grieving and Beyond by Elizabeth, Ph.D. Levang, Sherokee Ilse

A unique book that breaks grief into many topics and offers personal quotations and helpful advice on each one.




MUSIC: Come Away With Me by Norah Jones

A soulful mix of jazz and pop that's perfect for work or just relaxing.








IIIBOOK: Trying Again: A Guide to Pregnancy llAfter Miscarriage, Stillbirth or Infant Loss  by llAnn Douglashis

llThis book helps couples decide if they are llemotionally ready for another pregnancy after llthe uncertainties and tragedy of miscarriage, llstillbirth or infant loss. It includes advice on llpreparing when the time is right. 




MUSIC: The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the World...Ever

You don't have to be a classical music fan to enjoy this soothing collection.

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