Hope is Like the Sun

Coping with miscarriage or infant death can be one of the most difficult trials in a person's life, and one most of us are unprepared to face. Follow the author and four of her friends as they navigate the difficult journey through pregnancy loss. 

Trying to Find Your Way?

This book will help you understand and work through your grief by  using by using practical and simple strategies that can begin healing today.

You will:

  • Understand grief and hear from others who have been there
  • Find helpful advice on coping with the pain of loss
  • Learn how to transition from hurt to hope
  • Understand the differing ways families deal with loss
  • Discover a chapter that assists family and friends in                     understanding your needs



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About the Author

Lisa Church suffered a miscarriage during her first pregnancy, and the experience changed her life. After three months of planning and loving her unborn baby, her hopes for a family abruptly ended. She was astounded to learn that four of her closest friends had also endured pregnancy loss, and each of them had carried this burden in silence.

After learning that nearly 1 million couples each year suffer miscarriage in the U.S. alone, Lisa decided to do something. She shares her experience, along with her four friends, in the book Hope is Like the Sun. The book focuses on the real feelings and individual experiences of grief and gives practical and simple advice on coping with the pain and moving toward healing. 

After writing the book, Lisa decided to apply her years of Corporate Support experience in a new direction. She launched HopeXchange, a website that offers information, support, a monthly newsletter, resources and encouragement to anyone impacted by miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death.

 Lisa did go on to have a healthy daughter, and she also enjoys her college-aged stepdaughter. She and her family live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. She loves the beach, skiing, graphic arts, decorating and spending time with her family. You can contact Lisa by emailing her at:  Lisa@HopeXchange.com.


What Others are Saying About Hope is Like the Sun:

"Hope is Like the Sun is strongly encouraged and highly recommended reading for anyone having to deal with the death of a child- before or after one is born into the family and the world." ~ Midwest Book Review

"Hope is Like the Sun is a book that is helpful for those grieving after miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death...This book follows along a support group format with workbook type sections and gives many helpful lists of suggestions." ~ Bereaved Parents of the USA, A Journey Together national newsletter.

"Totally interactive, the book is a ray of healing light illuminating the darkness of the loss of a new life. Space is provided for the reader to write down healing answers and impressions this brilliant work raises. A vital model for coping with and understanding the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual pain of grief leading to hope, recovery and trying again." ~ The Mindquest Review, 2004 Winter issue.

The book "touches on the littler-known sides of miscarriage, such as physical symptoms of pregnancy that can linger for weeks, the strain on marriages and the painful emotions that surface on holidays, especially Mother's Day." ~ Alison Freehling, excerpt Daily Press article.

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